Premium Photoprints
PR Imaging offers the complete solution for professional prints and presentation. Included in all our printing services, we offer state-of-the-art colour correction techniques and image enhancement to make sure each print is a stunning reproduction of the original image.

Expert technicians individually adjust the printer settings for each imageand check the printed output to make sure optimum quality has been reached. We also use the same printers for our photo books and single prints ensuring that the quality is uniform across everything you present to your client.

We have the capacity to make photographic prints up to two hundred inches wide and twenty inches high producing an unbelievable presentation of a panoramic stich. Regular print enlargements can go as big as one hundred inches wide and forty inches high.

Many photographers today print on an injet format which simply can't match a true photographic format. Inkjet is dead for us. Other's use minilab systems which churn out average quality prints by the second with inacurrate automatic settings. In our factory only have world class large format photographic printers made by Durst and Theta operated by trained technicians. Put a print from a minilab printer side by side to one we have produced and it simply can't compare.

We have passion for printing and belive our quality to be second to none. Put us to the test and our prints will put a smile on your face.

Metallic Photo Prints
Now that the age of High Definition is here, customers' expectations are higher than ever and it takes something really special to impress them. Standard photo prints have remained unchanged for decades, but now we are able to offer a Metallic high definition printing service.

The base colour of the paper is not pure white, but rather a silverish pearl-like colour which makes your photos look strikingly distinctive.

These prints have an almost 3D realism, punchy colours and incredible clarity and definition; it is quite simply the most impressive finish for your photographs.

Metallic prints are available to order as enlargements or incorporated into your album's pages.

Acrylic Photo Prints
Transparent acrylic prints are a high impact contemporary way to display a mounted photo print.

Images are digitally printed on high quality photographic paper then flush mounted to the back of a transparent acrylic panels. The edges of the panel are flame polished before holes are drilled through to provide wall fastening, finished with large brushed aluminium fixing studs. Arcylic photo prints are the choice for interiors with style.

When photos are mounted onto an acrylic surface it creates an incredible depth to the images and they appear embedded within the acrylic panel. The top surface of the acrylic photo print has a high gloss translucent finish making the image leap off the panel infront of you. Lighting effects around and behind the acrylic panel can be added for an even more stunning effect.

We have a range of sizes of acrylic photo prints available but can create custom sizes on request. To receive a more information on our acrylic photo prints please complete an account application to receive our brochure and pricelist.

Canvas Prints
Your image will be printed directly onto artist's grade canvas. We use a high quality matte canvas stretched over a hand made fully expandable stretcher bars 30mm thick frame, which importantly allows you to re-tension your canvas over time. For large canvases our range of hardwood stretchers are ideal.

Our heat-sealing service increases the durability of your photos on canvas and gives a more water resistant surface without affecting the vibrancy of your photos. The seal helps to prevent scratching and also enables you to wipe down the surface with a damp cloth. Your canvas print will arrive ready to hang on your wall with specially designed canvas hangers.

After printing your photo onto the canvas and the canvas stretching process we wrap your print in a polythene sleeve before being placed in one of our specially designed, expandable cardboard boxes which protect it during transit.